Love Remains - Avalon

When the last drop of rain has fallen
When the final note has drifted away
When the earth ceases to turn
And the last fire has burned

When the wind stops it's ceaseless blowin'
And when the last wave has come into shore
When the sun has called it a day
And the stars have all floated away

My heart will still be yours always
My dreams will be yours forever
I know I will find nothing has changed
Love, Love, Love
Love, Love, Love, Remains

When time is no longer ticking
When the hourglass runs out of sand
I know you will hold me and then
Forever starts all over again

My soul will always be with you
My eyes will always be on you
Through it all I see, You stay the same
Love, Love, Love
Love, Love, Love, Remains

Love remains like an endless flame
Throught the brightest joy, the darkest pain
In the end

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