Wonder Why - Avalon

Why Why, Tell me do you wonder why
Some can look so hard and miss the truth (yeah yeah)
Some will stumble over it a hundred times
And never ever see the living proof

Well there's a kind of love this world can never deny
Let everybody see it in our eyes

The world will wonder why if you and i will shine His light
And hearts discover life when we decide to let ours go
We've got to give it up and live the love that opened our eyes
Live your life, the world will wonder why

Why Why Someone try and tell me why
We would want it any other way
A heart can change before our very eyes
Well, I've seen the difference that love can make

Where is the kind of love this world could never explain
It's time to live the gospel unashamed

If we were living with a passion
What would be the reaction
I know a single heart can change the world
If were loving with a strong love
Then their eyes would see
And the world might believe

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