All I Want - B.o.B

I want everything I see
I wanna go in every mall in every state in every country and buy sh_t
Whether I can afford it or not, n_gga
I want b_tches, I want cars, I don't give a f_ck, I want it all
That's what the f_ck we're here for

Say enough about a dream n_gga
I'm just tryna keep it real n_gga

It's just so many woman
It's just so many chains
It's just so many watches
It's just too many things
I want!

It's just so many trips
It's just so many bottles
It's just too many whips
It's just too many models
I want!

All I want is money
Money, money, money
That's all I want
Big face hundred
Hundred, hundred, hundred
That's all I want, that's all I want
That's all I want, that's all I want

[Verse 1:]
Not a day's goes by
It ain't on my mind
I ain't gon frunt
I ain't gon lie
I'd rather have an em
Than an empty pocket
If hundreds ain't in them
Them jeans ain't mine, I
I swear I won muthaf_cka
I'll never be a bum muthaf_cka
You talking about like it ain't about the money
You just sound like a dumb muthaf_cka
A house on the hill by the lake
All real n_ggas can relate
You tryna book me for free?
But my rent is due on today
A Better life is what we're after
Because every dream I gotta capture
I always knew that I would blow up one day
Like a nuclear reactor


[Verse 2:]
From the cradle to a label
From decatur to the majors to papers, no more neighbors
I used to say I never cared about the money until I put food on my momma's table
Follow the trail
Could've been in jail
The way that I live
Could have been fatal
Must have had an angel
It's funny how I'm always on the screen
But as a teen I never had cable
But now I won it all
The world, the ladies, the whips
I took a fantasy and made it exist
No one ever handed a sh_t
We took what we had and made it this sh_t
That's just from the dust to the luxury
Being off in the cut, the cutlery
That's the gist, that's the summary
So if you feel how I'm feeling then f_ck with me!



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