Bobby Ray Intermission - B.o.B

My name is Bobby Ray
And this my side of the mixtape
The songs that you are about to hear
Naw I'm just jokin, heh heh
My name is Bobby Ray
I am the guy, that plays, B.o.B
I am the guy, that you see on the TV screen
That... B.o.B is like my alter ego
And you know this side, this, this mixtape
is to truly, get you to understand
who I really am, and the music, that I really make
The sound that I have been crafting for years
from doin open mics, to doin arenas
To goin right back, to venues, gettin stared at
You know, just everything
Everything that I've been workin on, I've put it, into songs
And now I will share them with you for free
I'm doin this STRICTLY, to give you music
That's the only reason I do it
So without further adieu, I introduce to you
Bobby Ray

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