Double Bubble - B.o.B

This sh_t right here is strictly for my n_ggaz ridin down Glenwood
{DJ Scream - hood rich b_tch!}
My n_ggaz on Mooreland Av, Boulder Cris
You got six 12's in the trunk n_gga this sh_t for you
Let's go (hood rich hoe)

Well baby girl was lookin at my ride
So I guess I'ma have to put her up inside
She was with you first now she's sittin by my side
This is what happens every time I drive by
When I'm in that double bubble
They give me double bubble
When I'm in that double bubble
They give me double bubble; yeah!!

They see my whip and be like "That's a mean motherf_cker"
Smothered in cream, make her melt like b_tter
But I don't speak, I throw up the Eastside that mean WHATTUP?
Come in LZ, so put your system on 'Shut Up'
I hit the scene, real clean like scrub dum dum
They can't compete, they speakers bust the f_ck
My kick got beat, they kicks be scuffed up
They beat, just fluff fluff, they weak and scrubbed up
They be like, "Who that is? Can you turn that down?"
Cause they say I got too many 15's in my ride
And the Alpine is vibratin they booty chest and thighs
So, girls be gettin juicy, wet when they get inside


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