I'm Dat Nigga - B.o.B feat T.I.

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
Ain't I clean? That machine, super cool, super mean
I'm that n_gga, I'm that n_gga, I'm that n_gga, I'm that n_gga

Mega pimp, super clean, the coolest in the universe
N_ggas hating on what he doing just mad cause they ain't do it first
His name pop up when you hit play or on your Google search
B_tches bow they head and bend they knees just like they do in church
Drop dough into her purse before you get into her skirt
She agree to do the work before she get into the vert
'Til my pine box drop down into the dirt
I'ma be by far the hottest n_gga known to the Earth
In the air, I fly, can't compare my
swagger to another rapper don't you dare try
Anyone with a pair of eyes can look and see
No legacy'll ever be next to me or near by
Though I invite you all to try, ay I'm a fair guy
Just approach with caution, be aware because I don't share my
throne - my crown I own
Hottest flow on any song, I'm on, I'm gone n_gga
{I'm that n_gga, I'm that n_gga, I'm that n_gga, I'm that n_gga}


[T.I. - over Chorus]
Hey! B.o.B, you up next, baby
Hey! Grand Hustle, n_gga
If I ain't the hottest n_gga on the universe
I guess I'll have to do until he get here n_gga
(Here I go!) Hey call me a liar n_gga

Ay y'all Tip 'bout to be mad at me
Because I'm about to take the crown, the throne, and the ring
Well I just take the throne, the jewelry I don't have to keep
But still watch my (Grand Hustle) on my [?]
Beat you to the hole, dunk, and have you lookin at my feet
Tip's like "The audacity of this n_gga to just be challengin me!"
Well you may rap on the beat but n_gga I be attackin the beat
Straight pull out a bat, pull out a gat and tat tat on the beat
So where's the beef, I kill the producer and the track when I speak
Tip are you gettin head from this track or are you masturbating?
Why am I rappin these things? Because I have to be seen
Cause my nuts is so big they be saggin my jeans
This beat is done, stick a fork in it
If you were goin against me it'd be unfortunate
Either that or you'd get scared and you'd just forfeit it
I ejaculate on the track, so there, there's an orphange
{I'm that n_gga, I'm that n_gga, I'm that n_gga, I'm that n_gga}


[Outro: T.I. (B.o.B)]
Okay, you got that (I'm gone, mayne)
I kinda, I kinda feel like I got you, man)
Hehehe (I had to kinda show you up, man)
(I ain't wanna make you look bad, really, honestly)
Ay, man, aye man
Ay man that laughin, that laugh is natural
Because I'm literally amused by your sentiment
I mean y'know if you really feel that, know what I'm sayin
That the likes of the second verse
Could even slightly compare with the
With the immaculate of the first verse (hahaha)
Then I must take a chuckle... ha ha ha ha!
You know what I'm saying, but never no mind
(We can have 'em blog about it!)
Absolutely, man, I'll let you guys be the judge
(You know you gonna do it anyway, f_ck it)
B.o.B or T.I.P. y'knahmsayin man you be the judge dawg)
(Which could be the better acronym for the song)
But you know what though, either way it's Grand Hustle

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