Pack of Pussy Skit - B.o.B

Just think!
If instead of having to meet and pull a female to drill,
What if a nigger could go to the store, and buy a whole pack of p_ssy?
This is what it would sound like:

Whooooo, hooo-hooo, oh yeah!
I got me some Asians, right now!
I got that p_ssy!
I got some of that African bam bam bam!
Whoa! Hell yeah!
Whoa, hey, hey, hey, man, yo dawg, you cannot f_ck the p_ssy
I'm trying man,
Stop, alright.
We almost home
(car driving)
Please, yo, just let me open it up and f_ck it!
It's right around the block.
Yo, I ain't gotta a chance yet.
Two minutes!
Just wait, just wait, dog.
F_ck yeah, it'a open. OHHH YEAH. F_CK! IT'S OPEN! IT'S OPEN. WHOAH!
Stretch it out, shawty, stretch it out!
Ohhh! Ohhh! Woot!
F_ck yeah!
Can I have some?

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