Say What You Want - B.o.B feat Playboy Tre & Killer Mike

[Michael Jackson]
"Say, say, say, what you want
But don't, play, games..." {FURY}

[B.o.B - with Michael Jackson sample in background]
Go right ahead, say whatever you want, please
That's it? Go ahead, I'm here all day
[yawning] Ahhh
Yup! Ha ha, yup, well

Say what you like, but I just, take a little knife, and then I
make a little slice, and then I, take a little bite, yum!
So miss me with all that doubt, what they all talkin about?
Talkin 'bout I ain't dope? What the hell are y'all bloggin about?
I'm the authority now, and I'm the priority now
So if you ain't on my side, might as well just throw in ya towel
Oh how cocky of me! To speak so highly of me
They say I'm crazy now; I guess I'll hire a shrink
And this is just how I feel - why would I lie on a beat?
But y'all be sleepin on me, so I guess y'all (lie) on the beat
Heh! Well that went over yo' head
And I'm B.o.B a/k/a Bobby Ray so don't you ever forget, yeah

"Say, say, say, what you want" [4X]

[Playboy Tre]
It's Playboy Tre b_tch I'm back, once again where the f_ck we at?
Standin strong and you can run and tell them s_cka n_ggaz that
Gimme my Henn', gimme my cup, play my beat and leave me 'lone
And you can bet, I'ma bring that f_ckin trophy back home
Yellin hoo-ray, hoo-rah; either way I want my moolah
like it's payday, and I ain't leavin the game until I say say
It's (Tre Day), I f_ck Deltas to the AKA's
to ghetto ass hoes who name they bad-ass son Tay-Tay
Ray-Ray, and Day-Day, I'm bustin like a AK
F_ck around and find yo' ass in a motherf_ckin melee
So say what you will n_gga, you can talk it, or blog it
Like diarrhea to toilet stools, I ain't comin off it - naw!

"Say, say, say, what you want" [4X]

[Killer Mike]
Westside O.G. everybody know he can not be held back
It's Killer Kill from the 'ville don't mess don't chill
Been buckin since that crack
Fat boy, fly boy, fly boy, fat boy
Know these hatin ass n_ggaz hate that
I prevail in spite of Hell and now I'm boss hoggin in a 'llac
Actually, it's a Benz my friend; I just rhymed this sh_t for a rap
And - actually I got businesses; I ain't really gotta motherf_ckin rap
I'm talkin barbershops and corner sto', independent label GTO
'Bout to open a studio, bet'cha y'all'll love me then
Get yo' ass a record deal and buy yo' fonky publishin
Say what you like, but don't f_ck with Mike
I'm a lot of J Prince and a little Suge Knight
I'm throwed in the game like a basketball
I'm a big dawg, you're a flea on my balls
What you say don't pay so sincerely I say
motherf_ck yo' mommas and alla y'all!

Yeah lil' bruh, y'knahmsayin?
This the big dawg right here, man it's ya big dawg
Mike Bigga is bigga y'know?
Known as Killer Kill from the 'ville
I just wanna say lil' bruh man
I'm proud of you lil' bruh
Y'knahmsayin, with "Who is B.o.B?"
And now you sayin man it's Bobby Ray
I respect it bruh!
No I respect it like
when Muhammad Ali came out of Cassius Clay man
So I'm happy to meet Bobby Ray lil' bruh
And let me tell you somethin lil' bruh
ANY HATER man, any hater, that come up against you bruh
He don't wanna see the crystal
He don't love the 'coustic guitar
He want you to AutoTune
Tell him to s_ck TEN THOUSAND WEE-WEE man
And big bruh said that man!
Knahmsayin? Tell him to play booty hole games
at the motherf_ckin... at at
Tell him to play at the at at at
as the bulldog do, y'knahmean? But
Don't play with Bobby Ray man I'm f_ckin with ya hard man
Grind Time rap game bang bang bang man
Um he dope cause I said so, holla at me
Westside O.G., everybody know me, fo'real!

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