Last Boyfriend - B2K

Why you gotta ask me
Where I been
Why you gotta talk in
That accusin tone
You mean tha world to me
You always think I'm
Out doin you wrong
You gettin on my
Nerves wit that
Always stressin me when
I'm not home
I really do care for you
But if you keep on girl
We won't last long

I'm not your last boyfriend
Girl, drop that baggage
I won't have it
Stop trippin
I'm not cheatin
Please believe me
I'm not your last boyfriend
Don't talk to me like you'd talk to him
Stop trippin
Stop yellin and accusin
Cause I'm not him

I really can't take all tha arguin
Can you talk to me
Without raising your voice
Cause I'm not understandin you
Sounds like you just
Makin a lot of noise
I didn't get down with you
For you to charge me with
Tha things he did
Can you please just
Forget tha past
Cause I just can't take much more of this

*Chorus* 2x

Girl, I do love you
And you know that I do
But I can't keep on arguin with you
And you say you've been hurt
And I know that it's true
But I can't keep on paying for what
I didn't do

~Lil Fizz Rap~
Yo, yo, yo, yo
You need to stop comparing
Cause I don't act like
Don't look like
Don't sound like
I'mma treat you right
Got a little more to show
Got more to blow
Talkin bout mo than the one befo
That scrub gotcha, gotcha head all
Messed, up
Gotcha, gotcha rejectin my love
Got me, got me in yo situations
Stuck, stop

*Chorus* 3x

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