Teacher's Pet - B5

It was just another Monday
I can't wait for this day to end yeah
I was walking down the hallway
To class but as I walked in
That?s when I saw this girl so beautiful
From her head to cuticles
But what I didn?t know was
See this girl that had me out of breath
Was a substitute I guess
Because she told me take my test

(There goes my heart)
There goes my heart
(I guess we were meant to be apart)
I guess it wasn?t meant to be
(Sure that morning Star)
Give her a love she can?t forget if I could be her teachers pet
(If I could only have one chance)
To show you that I understand what it takes to be a man
(So baby please come take my hand)
We can keep it on the low
Girl nobody has to know
(If I could only be with you)
Anything you wanna do
I?m not afraid to try with you
(I may be young but u can?t miss)
You can give me any test if I could be your teachers pet.

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