On The Cool - Baby Bash feat DJ Kane & Drew

[Chorus: DJ Kane]
Let's keep it on the cool (keep it on the cool)
It's between, me and you alright
It's the freaky things we do
Cause baby I like it, I like it
Let's keep it on the cool (keep it on the cool)
If they all laugh at you
The little thangs you do
Cause baby I like it, I like it

[Baby Beesh]
It wasn't no love at first sight, it was sex on the first night
How could it be so wrong when it felt so strong, it felt so right
I like the way you back it up, cause yo chulo ain't no punk
Get it crunk, get it crunk from the back to the front, any way you want
Smoking, laughing, telling jokes, smashing riding on blades and spokes
Tell them we just friends, but you and I know, what's really though
You take me on your odyssey, keep the drama off of me
You love to get on top of me, when I get you wet and watery
We sizzo and uh, we doin our thug thizzo', but yo friends don't know
We'll keep it low, and talk at the club a little and then
When you drop em off at home, get Beeshy on the celly
And I'll be at the telly, honey be all ready


[Baby Beesh]
Well now they think they know the deal, but they don't have a clue
The things we do me and you, got to keep it tight on the cool
Down low on a hush, take our time don't need to rush
You in my mind like cannabus, with the freaky way you make me bust
Freaky deaky everytime you see me, you best believe me, I'ma lick
You down with berries and cream, you lick me with that wine and kiwi
You know it's nathin', to keep that gossip off of baking
That's why we shaking, them hatas spreading information
If only I knew then what I know now, things coulda been a little different
But as it stands, I got a girl at home already on suspicion
But I want my cake and eat it too, wanna be with her I wanna be with you
You telling me that you need it too, let me tell you what we fixed to do


[DJ Kane]
Oooh wee, I love it when you freak it like that
Oooh wee, on the cool coming through from the back
Oooh wee, I love to watch you dance on my lap
Oooh wee, uh oooh wee
Oooh wee, uh oooh wee

Oooh wee, you love to see your daddy roll up
Oooh wee, going hard in the paint Hold up
Oooh wee, them people in yo buisness so what (so what)
Oooh wee, oooh wee Oooh wee


[Baby Bash and DJ Kane]

Uh one time, so quick, how quick so quick
(Baby I like it oh I like it oh yea oh yeah)
Uh, sho ffffosho ffffosho

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