I'm Just a Girl - Bachelor Girl

i'm just a girl( times 4)

i might be a little concered with my hair
i might need comfort more than my share
i might seem to follow fashin and claim that i dont care
my heart is your best friend when it rules your head

i might want to talk alot but dont ask me why
and i'll get impatien if you dont reply
i might alway saerch alot for somthing wrong i want you to deny
and if you just stay close and hold me when i cry

don't try to understand me i'm just a girl
one of the greatsest mysteries you will find in this world
not ard to handle i'm just a girl

i dont steal money but i want your time
cause i give my life to you when you are mine
and it hurts me more than i can say when you pull away
but if you love me you should tell me every day


you mg\ight think i'm demanding
but your mot understanding

i like to take advide but go my own way
and when i hurt the most i swear i'm ok
and it's always when you least expect i say i wanna stay
might take a single kiss to steal my heart away

chorus(times 2)

i'm just a girl(times 5)

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