Waiting for The Day - Bachelor Girl

I guess i had no reason, talking to you that way
It's just so unexpected, seeing you here today
Why now? has it been long enough, for all the hurt to fade?
Oh, how i'm waiting for the day

I guess i had no business, asking who you're hanging 'round
You like to keep your secrets, it's a lesson i've learnt now
But don't act like i feel nothing for you, and everything's ok
Oh, how i'm waiting for the day

Seems that you've been kind enough, to spare my innocence
And let me keep my illusions safe from harm
To think when friends revealed the truth, i'd leap to your defence
Strange the way the cruellest cuts have come

It's late, i guess i'll be going, but don't expect me to wish you well
There's too much gone between us, whatever's left now i can't tell
But i know there'll be a time when i won't crumble like today
No i, won't felling like screaming out should i see you glance at me
Yes i might find some bright new future that you can't steal away
Oh, how i'm waiting for the day
Oh, how i'm waiting for the day....

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