I'll Be There For You - Backstreet Boys

Don't say a word I understand
You ought to know if I'm still your man
Girl can't you tell by the touch of my hand
I'm gonna please you every way that I can

* I'll hold you (hold you), love you (love you)
I'll never let your love go let you go, let you go
For always (for always), I'll stay (I'll stay)
Just look in my eyes and you'll know

** (Baby) I'll be there for you, wherever you go, whatever you do
Girl I've got forever inside for all of my life, I'll be there for you

Don't ever doubt your trust in me
I'll give you my heart so honestly
Deep in my soul, baby you'll find a dream
I'll never change, girl I promise you

[Repeat * , **]

Nothing and no one can tear us apart (tear us apart)
You'll always be here inside of my heart (inside of my heart)
And just as sure as the stars shine above
No matter what happens, you can count on my love

[Repeat ** , ** , **] till fade

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