Lift Me Up - Backstreet Boys

When I'm down on my luck
and I'm searching for my soul
When I'm feeling too much
and I start to lose control
When I'm down so low
that even enemies don't wanna know
You still care for me, say a prayer for me
and I know I like you hanging around
'Cause you life me up when I'm upside down
Ooh, you are my favorite sound

'Cause you're always down for lifting me up
Like an angel when I hit the ground
Feel your arms all around me
when I'm feeling down
Lift me up, like an angel when I hit my low
When your arms are around me,
I don't wanna let you go

When I'm lost along the way
and I can't face another day
If I stumble on the road and if i can't carry the load
If I lose my faith and kindness and generosity
Would you hold my hand?
Say you understand, my babe.
'Cause you lift me up when I am upside down
Ooh you are my favorite sound


It's been a long hard road
And it's only just begun, my friend
and this I know, you help me carry the load
'Cause you're always down for


Well you're always around..
you're my favorite sound..

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