Trouble - Backstreet Boys

She (she, she) she like to model for me (me, me). The way she wear it is dangerous. She walk around me like a predator. And I'm something to eat (eat, eat), nothing to her but a treat (treat, treat), something she play with and leave alone. And I can't help it but to let her use me.

Every little thing about her says she's trouble (trouble). And every little thing she do just makes me want her more, more and more.

She melts, melts herself all over me (me, me). A sexy candle but so much hotter. Pain is just pleasure with the volume up. I want it louder. I'm spending all my money on her. No matter where I go, there she is, half naked waiting for me (waiting for me). Waiting for me (waiting for me, oh).

(repeat chorus)

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