Back Where We Came From - Badlees

ALSO KNOWN AS: badlees/the_na_na_song

Written by Alexander

Quote: Experience is the comb that nature gives us
when we are bald (Belgian Proverb)


A lot of folks do well enough leavin' well enough alone
But that was never true for me and you
Livin' like the characters in "Like a Rolling Stone"
Confirming things that we already knew
You were young and pretty - Me, well, I was young
Leastways young enough not to need a reason
I was for the memories and you were for the fun
And we were both just fillin' up the season

Pre Chorus:
With no dreams and no plans and no schemes
Somehow here we are again

Chorus: na na na na
We're ending up back where we came from na na na na na........

We had beer and "Jack" and Kerouak and weekends on the fringe
And lots of time to think about tomorrow
But it seems our little bivouac was more than just a binge
Sometimes you end up keeping what you borrow

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat Chorus


Terry Mingle
Cornell Univ.
Physiology Dept.

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