Best Damn Friend - Barenaked Ladies

[Verse 1:]
Talk was cheap
'Till I started talking to professionals
Not my first leap,
This atheist could have used confessional
Sown, so reap,
Allow me to lead you in devotional
While you weep,
Imagine the man whose more emotional.

And we'll go
I'll be your hero
I'll be your man
I'll be your best damn friend 'til the end
Sixty to zero
Get up and then
I'll be your best damn friend again

[Verse 2:]
Actions speak
Louder, but only when they're spoken to
It's not weak to remake amends the way I've chosen to
Hide and seek
And somewhere ahead we'll find a way to trust
It make look bleak
So I'll just imagine for the both of us

[Chorus (x2)]

[Chorus (x2)]

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