Curious - Barenaked Ladies

If I climb a tree just to see what I see
Does that make me curious?
If I make a point of just cruising a joint
Would that make me curious?
And if if's profound this just lookin' around
Well then gee whiz
Don't call me crazy
Never been lazy
Curious it is

A touch of excess with a little finesse
I simply luxurious
And if I confess to makin' this mess
Would that make you furious
But after a while you'll be crackin' a smile
And that's when we'll see
If I may submit you'll have to admit
You're curious like me

They say that curiosity was responsible
For the unfortunate demise of the cat
But with 8 more lives to investigate
What kind of a deal is that? Not Bad

A furious sun can make for serious fun
So we wont let that worry us
Cause the fun is outdone by a barrel of one
If that one's the furriest
If curious mean that you trade your routines
For something free
The freedom you feel's the whole point of the deal so
Curious I'll be

Curiouser, and curiouser Sir
Curious like
Curious like me

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