Keepin' It Real - Barenaked Ladies

[Verse 1:]
Everyone who sees it puts their face in the ground
And when nobody's watching, they can tear it all down
Friend or foe? Cause I can be either one
But if they come at me, then they better all run

The wood's all soaking, so fire won't burn
Now I'd keep talking, but you never learn
The cut's too deep, and so the wound won't heal
You won't keep nothing, you don't keep nothing by keepin' it real

[Verse 2:]
Long-toothed time is marching on as I sing
Just cut me down the middle and count my rings
Can't keep nothing; best to leave it alone
You die naked and they burn up your bones


[Verse 3:]
What's the point in wishing there was somewhere to go
If when you get there, you can't let anyone know
When my time comes, I won't be leaving this Earth
And what I've done for people will determine my worth

[Chorus (x2)]

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