What Am I Doin' Here - Barry Manilow

What am I doin' here
Alone in this lonely house
This house that we dreamed about
This house we shared till you walked out

What am I doin' here
This place ain't no good for me
It just brings back memories
And the last things I need is memories

I should be movin' on
Wath am I doin' here
Now that you've really gone
Why can't I dry these tears
But oh, the years we had
Here is this house that we both loved so madly

I've never been like this
Just livin' in yesterdays
But there?s so much I miss
And so much that I still can't face

If there?s a chance for me
I just can?t see it now
All I see is what can?t be
And all I see is no way out

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