Still Believe In Love - Bastiaan Ragas

Anyone could tell, we're not meant to be together
So let's keep things straight, let's not get involved
I guess it's better
So let's pretend, we can be just friends
We'll draw a line and we won't give love a change
But hey they again when I look into your eyes
I know, I know I never let go because

Chorus :
(Cause) I still believe in love
You brought the sun into my life again
No matter what you say or what you do
What ever I've been going through
Oh I believe, I believe in you

Hey I have been going up and down that hill
Just too many too many times
And I found out that a lot of our dreams
Just hard to realize
I was just about losing my faith
When you showed up and put me back in my place
Just snap your fingers and say its alright
I'll turn around and walk into the light because

[Chorus] x 4

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