I Never Stopped - Battle

I should be grateful for the day you spoke to me.
You made me come straight to my senses.
I saw your friends today, if looks could kill,
I'd never leave the house;
Make no mistake, I'd be housebound.

Tell me, how can you ever chase happiness
When you don't have he heart to be hurt?
I'd gamble everything, but I don't have a thing.
I would love to give you attention,
But I'd never be free from the fact
That all the things you'd tell me, truly won't mean a thing,
They won't mean anything.

You should be living in a hole, all by yourself.
You should be never allowed to speak to no one else.
I see your evil face every-time I try to close my eyes,
And I can't see how I won't be housebound.

It's the same for all your friends-
Don't die you'll end up in Hell.
Oh but, what if you did?
It's probably better,
Because Hell loves a good sinner

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