I Can't Go on This Way - Beanie Sigel

[Beanie Sigel talking]
Honor (honor), Trust (trust), Respect (respect)
Devotion (devotion), Friendship (friendship), Loyalty
(loyalty), Karma (karma), Team (team), Us (us), ROC
(roc), Silence (silence), tha 'eagle, bang
I can't go on this way (sung overlapping last line)

[Beanie Sigel]
Wit no union, and no benefits no dental plans
I can't eat off no hundred grams
I got cavities dat need fillin'
You can't feed a n_gga peanut juice
Now put ya feet up in a n_gga' shoes
A lack of green'll give a n_gga blues
A sip of purple make a n_gga rue
N_gga drunk person speak a sober tune
{I can't do on this way} - [sung overlapping last line]
(F_ck dat, I can't do it man)
We make these tips off dis gift dat we cursed wit
But den my mind drift, am I defeatin' the purpose?
Could you feel like sh_t when you miss yourself 1st? sh_t
But who gon pay the bills? supply the mills? no surplus
My baby mama give me drama on the daily
Like she, makin' it barely and my kids is eatin rarely
{I can't go on this way}
(I'm stressed out gon' the what I can't do it)
If you put puppies in the oven, do dat make 'em biscuits?
Put hungry dogs in the kitchen, will dey eat the kittens
Do you hear me or you listenin'? Ders a big difference
Do you catch the lines and the hooks or are you still fishin'?
Des a couple questions dat I, need to be answered
Like, is dey backwoods and weed givin' me cancer
{I can't do on this way}
(I'm stressed out gon do what I can't do it)
My momma say I got a nerve stress
Got her wakin up in cold sweats
I'm hard-headed and iron
What make it worse my lil brother behind me
Blood pressure runnin like Harriet
She can't handle it
I got her screaming Lord Jesus like Nahalia
Son I'm tellin ya please don't let me bury ya
{I can't go on this way}
(I'm stressed man, I'm goin thru it)
I was taught trust in the law but still tie up your camel
Use your tongue as your sword and your books as your ammo
But when dem bullets start flyin and you got pussies around you
And who you rely on, got dem n_ggaz surround u? sh_t
And make me feel like young Tinner, from the start I was finished
How n_ggaz start wit a finish and begin wit a endin'
{I can't go on this way}
(I'm stressed out, I can't take it no more)
I'm movin ass backwards wit no forward progress
Feel asthmatic like kept mills keep joggin *Heavy breathin*
Stagnant, runnin in place is tragic
My heart in the faith I don't practice
I still pray along, forgive me for my actions
Cuz I still spit gangsta think Muslim and act Catholic
{I can't go on this way}
(I gotta still feel feed my young'n's, so keep huggin)

I can't wait until the rain turn to sunshine
Cuz I hate to spend my life, my life, my life, my life
Stuck in one time, Free pat-rol the block
Get avoided by the government avoid the spent
Can't wait til rain turn to sunshine
Cuz I hate to spend my life, my life, my life, my life
Stuck in the box
{I can't go on this way}
[Young Chris:] (I feel you big homie, Young gunner)

[Young Chris]
Straight from the ghetto to ghetto
I'm from the youngaz be the ghettoist ones
Tryna make just as much as we could
Tryna make it but dey gon make it hard as much as dey could
Dat's why, dat's why
Dat's why I hate 'em man dey crackers ain't nothin without paper
Dey look at us it's nothing
{I can't go on this way}
(Came too far and I ain't goin backwoods for nothin)
I ain't bein distracted by nothin
Midget-size to Dikembe, I ain't back up from nothin
Ma I'm still stressin
It ain't the kid it's the bills stressin, she hold it down on her own
She hold me down at the crib, hold me down while I'm gone
She hold me down as a kid, hols me down while I'm grown
{I can't do on this way}
(I choose not, refuse not, down on my own)
Now off the streets, runnin wit the hottest label in the label in the industry
Da hottest label got a n_gga 'lotta enemies
So now when I go in baseline
A nice-size ratchet to throw in wasteline
I gotta make mine
My bills ain't gettin paid in, kids ain't situated
{I can't go on this way}
(Ya'll better make a decision before us)
(B. Sig) Cuz the way dat we livin ain't all good
Ran away wit dem hatin ass n_ggaz don't like us
Despite dem, we gon do it regardless
But all dis comotion dey causin I ain't it wit
(We ain't wit it)
Dey can get it all it take is a column
My dogs'll be down if the rounds gotta unlit tho
{I can't go on this way}
(Someday gotta forget it tho
Consequences for my sentence gotta forgive us tho)
[Fades out]

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