Israel - Bee Gees

(B. Gibb, 1971)

You've had your troubles, Israel
I've seen them all
But you put the writing on the wall
Israel, Israel, yeah

You know I've seen you fall so many times
I've cried for you and that's a crime
Israel, Israel, Israel

Where there's sand
Where there's beautiful sand, yeah
You know you got a kind of feeling
That's just grand
Take me into your arms
Let me be with you
Israel, Israel, Israel

I like the smiles upon your people's faces
They make you feel warm embraces
And I want that kind of smile
That kind of smile
Israel, you make the whole world think about you
And if they don't they'll find a reason
To shout about Israel Israel

You're the only one Israel Israel
Tell me all about it! Tell me all about it!
Tell me all about it
Oh, take me into your arms
And make me feel your goodness
Be with me, Israel
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Oh, oh, oh
Take me into your arms
Let me hold, hold you to myself
Oh, I want to Israel

Israel Oh take me back into into your arms
Israel Israel Israel Israel

Andr? Velloso - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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