Mr. Natural - Bee Gees

Burning embers.
I still remember all of those little things.
But I don't feel it so much 'cause I am so out of touch
with my heart and it won't sing.
Rusty rainbows.
That's how the pain goes , turning me inside out .
Well , I come home at night and you are out of my sight.
Yes. I'm dying and there ain't no doubt.
Well, I'm dying and there's no way out.

Well I try try try try try
Mr. Natural (come on baby)
When I walk in the rain you won't know that I'm crying.
A smile on my face and I'm trying.
I'm trying to understand that a love that is lost can never be found again.
And you see me dance , I look like a happy man .

Just when I think I'm getting it over, an old friend I should see.

Andr? Velloso - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -

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