This Is Where I Came In - Bee Gees

I've seen this story
I read it over once or twice
I said like you say
A little bit of bad advice
I've been in trouble
Happened to me all my life
I lie and you lie
And who will get the sharpest knife
You should meet somebody like that
Not the kind of man to throw his hat into the ring and
Go down without following through
The day turns into night
Go down, following through, the day turns into night

* Whoa, this is just where I came in

** All mine to own
But I'll go anywhere
Yes, I'll go anywhere with you
Time has gone
But I'll go anywhere
Yes, I'll go anywhere with you

This is the danger zone
This is where I came in
They don't know what they do
Forgive them of their sins (they know)
They cannot take away
What you have given me

[Repeat *]

Fade into color
And color into black and white
Under the bed clothes
Everything will be alright
I know that you know
Nothing ever stays the same
Said so, I said so
A lover never speak it's name

I'm gonna find somebody like you
Maybe with a brain and a body too
You could never make a move on a woman that leads me on
She got a little bit of something for everyone
It's a little too late
And the bluff is on the run

[Repeat **]

I always told myself
I would regret this day
That I would fall apart
And watch you walk away (to cry)
As you would cry out loud
And I would stand aside

[Repeat *]

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