Rich and Filthy [New Single] - Bif Naked

Your cost stereo is state of the art,
My getto-blaster is fallin' apart.
But, Hey man! Your all show,
You only listen to techno (echo)

Your ride goes from 0-60,
Well, my ride goes Yeah! Musta missed me
Cause I'm still standin here watching you drive by!

Hey! Hey!

I am sick and you are healthy!
You are rich and I am filthy!
Con-grat-u-la-tions on all your Suc-ce-e-ess!!

I am poor and I am happy,
Your bling-bling will never trap me
Con-grat-u-la-tions on all you Ex-ce-e-ess!!

Your new suit is made of silk,
Too bad you still look like Lawrence Wilk.
Well, your girlfriend just drove by and she gave me the eye (echo)

Your watch, YEAH, it's a Rolex!
Well, My watch, YEAH, it's a Timex!
But say, Hey!
It's okay
Cause I'm the one who's on time!!!


Money, money, money, hey!
Money, money, money (X4)

Money don't mean much to me! (x3)
Money don't mean much --BIG ROBIN!!--

Little big pot, just you and me,
I got good news: I won the lottery!!
But Hey! I'll save you seat at the country club (echo)

Chorus (repeat and get quieter)

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