Singin' - Bif Naked

singing's a fine lively hood, the only one I got!
Struggled to make the rent sometimes,
since termination of the day job.
Kinda weird my work day starts when the sky is cool and black.
But I guess I should figure out on what I should fall back.
I could take up auto-body and work in some guy's shop.
Fixin' b_tchin hotrods,
I sure like cars a lot.
Perhaps I'll study law,
be a public defender.
But I'll need a lot of Maalox.
I couldn't take the pressure.
Would you like me for your vet?
Or your docter who examines you?
Lady luck I met.
So your ass should say phew!
But I'll just do what I do
cuz I like it a whole lot.
Singin's a fine livelihood!
It's the only one I got

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