1986 - Big K.R.I.T.

Like it was 1986, yeah I'm back b_tch
Big money, subwoofer, Randy Savage
It was 1986, yeah I'm back b_tch
MC 24 crawling through the traffic
It was 1986, yeah I'm back b_tch
Rolling clean, hella screen, digi-dashed it
It was 1986, coldest year ever
Mama coulda cut me out the womb but she knew better

[Verse 1]
Digi my dash, this for the playas
That got them some golds and copped them some gators
Fresh than a motherf_cker I knew what it took
The thing that I'm giving you couldn't get out a book
Now don't be tricking no hoes, don't be lending your ride
And if you f_ck, wear a rubber cause they burning inside
If it don't pay whatcha asking then you wasting your time
If you can't get you no old school don't go f_cking with mine


[Verse 2]
Watching for jackers, scoping for law
They go to hating when I'm basing cause I swang and I crawl
Scraping the wall, rubbing the curb
A chef with the whipping, my trunk shaken and stirred
I got a fetish for Chevys, a itch for the dollar
On the hunt for a freak, down to f_ck if she swallow
I be popping my collar til I'm dead in a tomb
Hell, I been popping my collar since I fell out the womb


It feels good to have it
Knowing that I did what I could
It feels good to have it
I put the leather on top of the wood
It feels good to have it
I rode chrome all around my streets
It feels good to have it
To see it, to need it, to grab it
Feels good to have it


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