Banana Clip Theory - Big K.R.I.T.

I can't believe I took it this far, this time
I told myself, I should be smart and not blind
Bang, bang, bang, down we went today
Lord I think there's something wrong
Bang, bang, bang, another bullet went astray
Another soul dead and gone

[Verse 1:]
I heard a gun the other day, it spoke to me and told me power
Was the only thing that we could lose, so don't be afraid to let it shower,
On them, If they ever run up at my door
It came with a red dot, for sure shot, and a silencer on the low
I had to stop and pause and think about it
While it gave me it's resume
Told me no better way to protect myself
In this world we live in
Cause they killing up women and children
Ain't nothing like having one on hand
Cause if you draw down first you'll be the man
Then you'll pop your trunk and demand
That respect, if they neglect, in the club
When they touched my queen they didn't know what we had was love
And it'll never be the same cause you'll throw it in my face just because
So I'll pop my trunk once again, for her heart I'll defend
And I'll let it rain on them
Banana clip theory


[Verse 2:]
I heard he just killed a man, I think he was a father, I know he was a brother
Because his sis said that, they gon' retaliate tomorrow
The doors still revolvin; gun shop
You looking for the kinda clip that don't stop
Cause you heard the jack boys coming for the very spot
That you opened up on they block
They wore red but you bang blue, they drove by but they ain't shoot
Till you was outside with the whole fam, havin' brews, talkin sh_t, eatin' barbeque
Duck and dodge, but it ain't safe
You hit the corner but they gave chase
And double back cause you got away
But your little cousin got hit
Sleepin in his baby crib
No CPR cause it's too late
So you cry, but you bounce back
Your reply is to get the gat
It's an eye for an eye till it's jet black
The only way you'll survive in your mind
Is to stay strapped
So you act out
They'll call you soft if you back out
So you roll your window down
And you black out
They next day they'll be back 'round
The Banana Clip Theory


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