Insomnia - Big K.R.I.T.

It's late but I'm out on the creep
It's been a while since I heard you speak
Hard to rest when I've been on this road
All I want is you next to me because you help me sleep

I swear it 'bout 4 in the morning
And I'm outchea on it
Trying to fall through just to f_ck with you
Well that's if you home, cuz you help me sleep

[Verse 1]
Getting harder and harder to relax, can't [?] my back
Gotta be on my P's and my Q's when I roll with this tool in the old school 'Lac
Cuz n_ggas try to jack nowadays in the hood
Those broke n_ggas up to no good
Get the cup full of drank and I'm filling my tank
Plus I woke up some of that... good
Sticky-icky, sour, Jolly Rancher candy
Make the bottom of my cup sweet as your punany
Well I'm just joking shawty
I talk about p_ssy a lot and getting money when I get unfocused shawty
Cuz I'm dealing with the pain of the game
And it's getting harder to keep coping shawty
Cuz I can't set the world and I showed that, so I hold back
For doing what I can to be a better man forgetting you know that
So we fuss and fight when I'm gone, wasn't right when my wrongs
Almost there won't be long, don't fall asleep on the phone


[Verse 2]
Tell me what you got on, send a pic to my phone
I been out all day tryna make a way for you, hell yeah I'm in the zone
Just eat you out, tell me what that peach about
Feeling good feeling great when I pull off your lace
And ease it in and ease it out
And ease it in again I got to get home, yeah I been drinking
Don't be acting like it don't feel the same, I hear it in your tone
Yeah I was working earlier but baby girl I'm on the way
So keep playing with yourself cuz I'm making that left
I'm at the gate, buzz me in, meet me at the door
Body soaking wet, panties on the floor
Yeah I got that, rocked that, beat it 'til it's sore and I knocked it chopped it up
When you s_ck better sop that up, don't [?] when it's deep better prop that up


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