King of The South - Big K.R.I.T.

Grew up on the country side of town
Now I'm ballin' under city lights
Grew up on the country side of town
Now I'm ballin' under city lights
King of the south, king of the south, king of the south
King of the south, king of the south, king of the south
Grew up on the country side of town

[Verse 1:]
M-I crooked my n_gga
Do it for the south, ya'll know
Born and raised where the rebel flag hang from the slaves
Grew up where ya'll n_ggas won't go
Rep that, rep that sh_t like I own it
I did it big for my fam and my homies
I got the biggest house on my block, foreign with the drop
For the times I was out here homeless, God flow
Time and time again I tried to tell these n_ggas
Yo what I say to these n_ggas?
[?] on tap dance, do whatever for a sack
Give a lap dance b_tch ass n_gga
[?] flow coke up
25 lighters on my dresser, ain't sh_t changed
Rollin' in the [?]
So clean you think might I been selling c_caine
Light at the end of the tunnel
When you're flexin' it's hard to be humble
Talkin' fourth down, can't throw the ball to Def Jam
Cause they might fumble
Kick that south flow that you can't get
Try to f_ck the world but my d_ck won't fit
My b_tch like "KRIT, motherf_ck they feelings
You wanna be king, gotta claim that sh_t"
I'm talkin' 'bout off with they heads
When you put on a mink, gotta creep down stairs
When you come from the country
Your feet on the snakes would will make clothes out of bails
I ain't playin' no games
I leave with the future, you follow these lames
I embody the South, the swing, the grain
The trunk with the bang, the gold in their mouth


[Verse 2:]
Ain't no love in the coliseum
This sh_t here been a bloodsport
Keep what you kill, f_ck if they live
Cause everybody out here cutthroat
I've been quietly waitin'
Deep in my dungeon, my stomach was rumblin', my belly was achin'
Everybody wanna see a monster
Till they see the monster, the monster holla out, "What's shakin'?"
I know what you thinking, this n_gga sh_t, must not be stankin'
He must not know better at all
Titans collide on the Zeus to survive
If not me b_tch, who the f_ck you gone call?
To rain from the mountain tops
Still blood stains on the leaves
I don't do it for the blog spot comment box, I do it for the OGs
And them country folk that can't talk that sh_t
This ain't your curb, don't walk that b_tch
This ain't your porch, so keep off that sh_t
Go find a cliff and jump off that b_tch
If you don't think that I'm king
I done proved them wrong like twice, can't stop my fight
I could murder your favorite rapper
And all I get is "No way a Mississippi n_gga really that nice!"
F_ck em, f_ck em, f_ck em, f_ck em, f_ck em, f_ck em
I said it six times cause it's my pleasure
Say it one more time for just for good measure, f_ck em
Raised by the King that before me
Slowly crept up and still paid dues
I embody the South, the swang, the bang
The soul and the paint and the blues


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