Mind Control - Big K.R.I.T. feat E-40 And Wiz Khalifa

Riding round so clean I let the bass beat out my speakers
Searching for a freak that's kink and bound to let me tweak her
Mind, her mind, her mind, her mind, her mind

[Verse 1 - Big KRIT:]
M-I crooked, I was cooking up an old school
Sprinkled it with bad b_tch, mixed it up with soul food
Put it on a plate with the bass and tweeters
For them haters, out here starvin', motherf_cker I could feed ya
With some game, intergalactic, outer-space for brain
Chrome wheel in the water, might just get me in the summer
It look good don't it? Throw wood on it, with the golden vogue
Love potion on my mind, my pimpin' is an antidote
Cooley High, signing booming sign, knocking b_tters down
Crack the curb, like my ship emerged, from the underground
One more time, for them folks that know I be shinin'
Whippin' wind and reclining, pressin' diamonds
While I'm


[Verse 2 - E-40:]
I got [?] on my tongue, I talk slick
Catch a chick without using my hands, master [?]
Sliding in my SLAB, slapping Big KRIT
Woofers in the back, tweeters in my [?]
Push b_tton secret stash box for my yammer
Yammer me, yes a pistol, a hammer
Blowing 50's, broccoli in the air
That's that Cali weed, I know that smell anywhere
Mind control, get in the female's head like a Tylenol
[?] yourself, be about your bread, increase your bankroll
Drink and cheefin', my and my heathens bustin' power moves
In the hood, like a mechanic, stickin' to the rims


[Verse 3 - Wiz Khalifa:]
On a mission, just me and Vincent
Your b_tch might just come up missin' like a [?]
Known to talk that player sh_t mama, that's just how I do
My old school look powder blue
We pulled up to the Papadeaux poundin'
Sat down, ordered the clam chowder
I had the lobster bisque
I'm what they talkin' 'bout if the topic is
Money, clothes, hoes, weed smoke
Take your panties off, you don't need those
Real n_ggas stay stuck to the G code
Never cheat, never off my feet
Never let these n_ggas see your weakness
If I eat then my n_ggas eat
Hit the weed then we hit the sheets
That be our little secret

[Bridge x2:]
Round and round we go
Unlock and unload
Our remote control
Her mind, her mind


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