Mt Olympus (Reprise) - Big K.R.I.T.

Now they wanna hear a country n_gga rap
5 albums in, I swear a country n_gga snap
Thought they wanted trap, thought they wanted bass
Thought they wanted molly, thought they wanted drank
F_ck them n_ggas, now they wanna hear a country n_gga rap
5 albums in, I swear a country n_gga snap
Thought they wanted gold, thought they wanted shine
Thought they wanted radio, b_tch make up your mind
(Yeah ho)

[Verse 1:]
All this attention
I don't even know what I might even do with it
That Control beat is like an ugly b_tch that everybody done f_cked raw
Maybe you hit it
Aww man, I'm more concerned why n_ggas been textin' my cell
Callin' my phone
Ask me about this Kendrick sh_t
That he ain't even really even diss me on
I ain't drawn to all this propaganda
Rap sh_t 'bout as real as Santa
Now I'm lyrical all of the sudden
Well last year they claim they ain't understand me
I'm buryin' n_ggas
And pissin' on they graves
Another n_gga, other n_gga name on your chain
And they call me a slave
N_ggas scared of this country boy, lord forbid I catch a body
In the studio tryna calm your soul
Lookin' at your manager, I think Krit's a God, man
I put you in the trunk with these subwoofers
5th wheel in my shottie
I'm so prolific with these scriptures they might give me a Bible
Page 1, come here son
Mind your manners, just be cool
I know you lame when you was in school
The little fame you ain't used to
And it was easy for you to move through
English class put you off a thesaurus
Like one of these days I'm gonna be a rapper
But all my verses gonna be borrowed
So I'm a take from all these Southern artists
That mainstream never heard of
Recycle all of they lingo
And make sure I screw my words up
Bravo for your swagger-jackin'
I'm overwhelmed by your dedication
You actually fooled these people into thinkin'
That your music was innovative
Rap battlin' never got me out of no public housin'
You tellin' me I can be King of Hip-Hop
And they wouldn't give it to Andre 3000?
N_gga please, this war ain't got sh_t to do with us
God could physically come down and say "he the greatest
My favorite, y'all should listen, he have potential
To outlive the heatwave I'm a sit through this motherf_cker
And rebuild for a whole 'nother other culture"
And that wouldn't be enough
So f_ck these haters and f_ck these hoes
Damn right I still mean that


[Verse 2:]
Hope the hook wasn't too simple
Either way n_gga, I wrote it
Yes, I made the beat, yes, I mixed the track
I am far from wack, you a one-trick pony
I don't fall in line, I define what's rhyme
F_ck what you was thinkin', bloggers they can quote it
Lotta rappers buried underneath my house
They know what I'm 'bout, you ain't even know it
Overdosed on hocus-pocus, jibber-jabber
Snap on my stature was firebreathin' dragon
King of every castle, how you signin' rappers?
All these labels must be givin' out a raffle
Wranglin' like cattle, keep a n_gga shackled
Leavin' people baffled, tap dance n_gga
Misleadin' all of your rap fans, n_gga
Might as well just do a lap dance, n_gga
Sap ass n_gga
Do whatever for some dap ass n_gga
I ain't got time
To watch out for children, stay out my kitchen
The sh_t that I'm cookin' ain't meant for your kind
Crackin' and bashin' the sh_t out your spine
King with a crown, humble and tall
Tyrants never keep quiet, rather be violent
So I'm beheading them all!
The lay of the land, I'm settin' fire to buildings and bridges
You ain't sell out a show until you sell out one in Mississippi
What's good for Hip Hop may not be good for my soul
So, I keep flexin', wreckin', for the people that respect it
Check it, f_ck a Control
(Are you not entertained!)


F_ck them n_ggas!
Yea, I said it, f_ck them n_ggas!
Yea, I said it, f_ck them n_ggas!
Yea, I said it, thought they wanted radio, b_tch make up your mind
F_ck them n_ggas!

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