Multi Till The Sun Die - Big K.R.I.T.

Multi, Multi
Til the motherf_ckin' sun die
Til the motherf_ckin' sun die
One time for Multi, Multi
Til the motherf_ckin' sun die
Til the motherf_ckin' sun die
One time for Multi

[Verse 1:]
I did it for the people that believe in me
Never shine on my family cause that could breed envy
Friends up and turned foes and I done seen plenty
Cause Lord is all we had and I believed in it
I can't deny that
Most don't survive rap
Cause being poor wasn't easy and we survived that
Too many times I left home and had to drive back
Cause deals fell through instead of beats they'd rather buy sack
Multi since 86
A lot of motherf_ckers out there hated this
To see a king from the bottom of country bumpkin
from nothing Good Lord you know I got it right
So put your lighters in the air for me
If I'm down I pray you care for me
This for them fans everywhere for me
Thank God that they were there for me


[Verse 2:]
Ain't no secret I'd ride for it
If need be, I'll die for it
My plane could crash and burn but I'd fly for it
Fight the power raise my fist in the sky for it
I put my brothers on, divide the pie for it
Then get it popping like the 4th of July for it
You can't low ball, I want the high high for it
My Grandma died knowing that I tried for it
Many nights alone, yeah I cry for it
Seventeen, hit the road made a drive for it
Pedal CD's out the trunk break my pride for it
Apply for a job just to get denied for it
So many tries to sign but I decide for it
On the stage of life Titans still collide for it
Last song, breath gone, stage dive for it
Say goodbye, close my eyes for it


Be just and justify your actions
Breathe Deep and walk up right
Lead and never follow
Love the people, be other people
Humble yourself and pray
History remembers Kings

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