Saturdays = Celebration - Big K.R.I.T. feat Jamie N Commons

[Hook - Jamie N Commons:]
If they kill me on Friday, bury me on Sunday
Mourn for me Monday
Then you gotta let me go, go
Then they gotta let me go
If they kill me on Tuesday, bury me on Wednesday
Mourn for me Thursday
Then you gotta let me go, go
Then they gotta let me go
Saturday's a celebration

[Verse 1 - Big KRIT:]
Mama no need to worry 'bout me
I promise that I be home soon
God got me like every day
While the Devil like "what you gon' do?"
Temptation ain't motivation
This money could never make it better
Cadi cleaner than it'd ever been
But it blood all on my wooden lever
Ain't no tellin' if I'ma get it right
Look to God up-under city lights
Pray to God, he wanted me to ball
Cuh being broke ain't really living life
People dying like every day
If I leave, tell 'em care care for me
If I ain't fit to see the sun again
Somebody say a prayer for me

[Hook - Jamie N Commons]

[Verse 2 - Big KRIT:]
In the event of my demise I won't go kicking and screaming
I know that God had a reason, just don't give up believing
As long as the sun shines after the storm
So we don't cry at the dinner table
Rejoice and just be thankful
I made it, I'm home, sick of lyin', safe and sound
Battle with drinking so please don't pour me no liquor
Out on the curb, fight the urge to go retaliate
Carry on, just be strong enough to walk away
Uh, speak the truth even if they crucify me
Uh, free my soul even if they chain my body
Uh, look to God if ain't nowhere to go
Beware those prophets that touch a leg before they touch your soul
We reap what the sow when the boat man cometh
Gotta pay what we owe
Jesus walks so I run to him
How can they love me when I'm knowin' what they done to him

[Hook - Jamie N Commons]

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