Freaky - Big Sean

Goddamn you got a lot of meat hangin' there (mmm)
You're kinda large
But when I look at a big, shiny, greasy d_ck like that (yeah)
My p_ssy almost jump out my drawers ooh sh_t
Ooh sh_t I can't wait (oh f_ck yeah)
Oh I wanna simply destroy that motherf_cker (ooh)
Ooh please let me enjoy this good big d_ck while it's here (oh my God)
Ooh I wanna ride this big [?]
Ooh I wanna put the dogs on the head of this good motherf_cker
Ooh now look at here baby
If the jaws of my p_ssy start to grippin' (mhm)
Don't pay that no mind, it's just that my p_ssy done got nervous
And a d_ck like that will make any p_ssy excited
Ooh sh_t, I could take a little bit more of this good motherf_cker (oh my God, oh God, oh sh_t)
Baby, oh (oh, oh, oh sh-)

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