How It Feel - Big Sean

Cool cool cool cool
Yup, finally famous n_gga

Ok, I get lost in the night
Faded off of that brown
We can take shots of that white
Realest n_ggas around
Tell me would you like it would you like it if I let you call me big
Take it to the D, I can show you where I live
Take it to the penthouse and show you how to live
And treat it like it ain't sh_t

Now ask me how it feel
How it feel, how it feel
How it feel, how it feel
Yea tell me how it feel, how it feel, how it feel
Man to be around a n_gga this real
You know I came up, came down
Turn every dream I had real
So tell me how it feel
How it feel, how it feel
Man to be around a n_gga this real

[Verse 1:]
You know I need everything in plural
That's benji's and euro's
I just came back from that Paris
My life is moving in turbo
My pinky ring just dingling
Look how I'm sipping my merlot
Look how I'm hittin' my herbal
Praise God, church ho
What the f_ck is you saying?
B.I.G I'm the mayor in the b_tch
Ol' fur coat looking like a bear in this b_tch
OH! f_ck is you wearing? that's embarrassin sh_t
Man and to my new girls that's hearing this sh_t
You f_cking with an OG, you should cherish this sh_t
Man they tell me that they love me, I ain't hearing that sh_t
They trynna get up in my will and inherit that sh_t
That's why I'm faded, I'm wasted
I'm living life like it's no jail
House bigger than a hotel
But these hoes tell
So I still take their ass to the hotel
In my hotel
I got a bad b_tch with that body
And a badder b_tch in that lobby
Boy that's just how I got it
When I...


[Verse 2:]
Bad b_tches that came through
I'm hitting all that I aim to
So stoned I can't move
So stoned I can't move
She go either way like it's game two
She look at her phone praying it ain't you
Living out all the rumors
Then afterwards, say it ain't true
Man I'm daydreaming while sexing
Her screams remind me I'm in it
And all this champagne that I'm popping
Reminded me that I'm winning
I know we shouldn't get so high
Yea, remind me that when I'm finished
But this the life we chose
It's the only life that we know
Reminiscing when I had no job
Back when I woulda robbed yo job
Me and my n_ggas on the streets dog
Throwing signs up like we roadside
Now the suits and pasta both bowtie
My Greek girls say "opa"
My Spanish girls scream "no mas"
And all the Black girls scream "don't, stop"


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