Money & Sex - Big Sean feat Bun B

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Ok I think I think I think I think I'm the badest we
got all the bottles they got all the glasses,
I'm proly with yo girlfriends cause they got all the
asses, burning all this paper you should try and catch
the ashes, I'm in my section poppin something off in
the bank or a b_tch droppin something off,
wo wo work ho make me throw this paper out looking
like a paper rout d_cker down lay her out didn't have
to take her out thinkin I'm a do her right look left
and fake her out, haaa cause I get back to the money
if I ever leave boomerang back to the money

All I think about is money and sex f_ckin and checks
In this life time you need to run and get left,
M m money and sex f_ckin and checks
In this life time you need to run and get left
Now I'm finnaly gettin rich proly in ya b_tch
And if I there I'm proly getting rich cause all I
Of is money and sex f_ckin and checks
Money and sex f_ckin and checks

[Verse 2: Bun B]
I say I feel I feel I feel I feel I'm the best got
the game on bubble like the vest, piece hangin on my
Chain chain hangin on my chest chest the game is on
lock money power and respect,
I started in the streets choppin rocks in a gravle
pit went from not having to having it
From dreaming to grabing it with only top ramen noodles
up in my cabinet no I'm killing this motherf_cker,
beating and stabbing it, speaking of stabbing it where
ya b_tch she just text me
She say she in the room rockin something sexy no disrespect
g cause I ain't even trying to but send her to my room
if you see her before I do


[Verse 3: Big Sean]
B_tch I'm on a money making marathon welcome to the
terror dome journey to my life
The whole world is my carry on,
I took I vowel that I'm forever getting payed always
heard that lifes a beach so I'm forever getting layed
if money equals power then I'm a f_cken generator
Man that spotlight bright so watch mecenter stage it
and do it yo girl wanna do it dam I look good
But you already knew it can't remember the last time
I seen my bed sets or the last time I had bed sex I'm
in the backseat getting my d_ck wet I fell asleep getting
brain that's a head rest last night I hit the bar said
I want it all and today I said the same thing at the
mall come through in yo city do the same thing tomorrow
gettin money and I can't say the samething for ya'll

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