Paradise - Big Sean

I always wanted to stunt so hard
I always wanted to ride that whip
I always wanted to f_ck that b_tch
Thank you God, I f_cked that b_tch
I always wanted to live this life
I always wanted to wear that ice
I always wanted paradise
I always wanted paradise

Look, now it don't take a lot to make you rich
I'm addicted to a lot of crazy sh_t
Man, I feel like money is the best drug
Sometimes, hate can be the best love

Walkin' in like I got cameras on me
N_ggas can't control me, ain't no handles on me
Sh_t don't get out of hand, it get handled, homie
Got a pretty young girl look like Janet on me
She a pretty penny and she know I'm doing numbers
Till we crash up the whole database
I bring it home like I'm base to base to base
Closet lookin' like Planet of the Bathing Apes
What you think this life just landed on me?
My whole city look like it's abandoned, homie
And we came straight out of those abandoned homies
Every wish we ever had got granted, homie
And I'll never take that sh_t for granted
Even when the marble floor and counter top is all granite
Back before I got paid any advances
Back when my rollie was ticking, no dancing
N_gga, never did I slip or I panic
Even if I was the captain of Titanic
Riding through the north Atlantic, homie
I never jumped crew or abandoned, homie
All the fruits of my labor organic, homie
Making sure my family tree got hammocks on it
And a good guy can change, 'specially if he short-changed
So f_ck is my ransom, homie?

Money bag, money bag, money bag


Straight up, Finally Famous, n_gga
I always wanted paradise

Aw damn I'm illuminated, man, I knew I make it
And I get that sh_t accumulated
Never throwing money out, I boomerang it
Finally famous over everything, that's a numerator
Weed lit, yeah it's luminated, room lookin' like it's fumigated
B_tch my crew invaded, when I walk in man, they body to body
Hol' up everybody, don't worry I got it, I got it
I need a hundred dolla bill photocopy the email and copy
I'm going hard all season these hoes goin' both ways, offense, defense
Livin' life on the deep end, F-F allegiance
Beat the odds and got even
What you think, that we just started n_gga?
Boy the sword just got sharper n_gga
This ain't war we just sparring n_gga
I was on the rooftop with my n_gga
Mike Carson n_gga, shootin' that Too Fake video
My n_ggas we all in, we set ourselves apart from all our apartments
What's up in Florida, no Marlins n_gga
I'm that Shawn, no Marlon n_gga
Look at my girl n_gga, f_ck yo bae list
F_ck yo night list, f_ck yo day list, f_ck yo playlist
I'm from the D, f_ck your A-listI been working 8 days a week
I don't even know what the f_ck today is
I hit the booth and I just went super saiyan
I run with the purp like I play with the Ravens
These b_tches ran a rave and
Hope I never have to go back watching, Everybody Loves Raymond
Eating ramen n_gga, this paradise
Life's a f_cking paradox, a pair of dice
If they not rolling with you, then they parasites
N_gga I had that vision, it was ClearSight n_gga
Sean Don

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