RWT - Big Sean

Yup, yup
I look up
Cause I can't look down on you b_tch n_ggas no mo, man
If that casket ain't 24 karot gold when I die
Then I ain't made enough f_cking money man and that's real talk

This my roll weed time
Don't turn it into dead in the street time
Her legs do the peace sign
Know the hood so well don't need street signs
Young rich and iconic
Big titties I'm signin'
Burnin' b_tches and chronic
Big white smoke clouds every time I talk, does it look like I'm in a comic?
Everything I rock I designed it, realer n_gga, won't find it
Okay, I be stackin' that cheddar, bet that sh_t won't expire
Got me ballin' so hard, I need me Jerry Maguire
I made a mil before twenty-five, man and I ain't even no lie
B_tch I ain't sayin' that sh_t to brag neither, I'm sayin' that to inspire
I'm like, damn boy, f_ck you sayin' boy?
Hatin' on me, knowin' that you is a fan boy
When I'm around you call me Cause like we fam boy?
Rappin' like me let's me know that I'm the man boy
Okay, Hennessy and Bombay is a real n_gga entree
I gave her my grande, my food is picante
My girls is Beyonce, your boyfriend beyond gay
I seen him hang with Deandre and they was lookin' like prom dates
One time for my hood 'til I go in the ground
I'm throwin' it up cause they holdin' me down
I'm perverted as f_ck, got a pole in the house
Got your girl and your girl and they hoein' it out
But you standin' outside cause no hoes is allowed
If you work like I work, you would throw in the towel
Once you get in this life, man, there's no comin' out
And haters look at me like snow in the south
Surprise n_gga
Man f_ck it, I'm on, you off and I hope you die n_gga
Why you alive n_gga?
I'm stackin' dough cause my momma addicted to spas
Yeah I'm the one that these hatin' n_ggas despise
You better take off your f_ckin' disguise, n_gga
B_tch-made it's in your eyes n_gga
Lies n_gga
Shut the f_ck up, everything'll be fine
Cause this my roll weed time

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