Story by Erykah Badu - Big Sean

Here I am, Ms. Badu, not Big Sean
But I don't f_ck witchu , it's 'cause I'm from the D, the other D
But Detroit has a special place in my heart
Creative, deep, rooted, organic, cosmic, fantastic, futuristic, patient, musical
When I think of Detroit I think of these things
There something in that dirty water that gives it its flavor

There's an invisible intelligence that runs though the streets like an underground rooting system
Millions and billions of memory of atoms of all of the beautiful music that has been created there
And I've seen it evolve into things only felt in the heart, I know this to be true
Thank you Berry Gordy for that little house
Thank you Stevie Wonder for always calling me and reminding me that it is there, that thing
I always long to reconnect with it when I lose my way musically
Thank you Jay Della for your peculiar, peculiar intelligence

Yeah, Detroit just has a magic and I know it to be true
Not Big Sean, but I don't f_ck witchu
Live from Badu botron, Nubian fenamonan
Detroit, where the Nubians grow

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