Story by Young Jeezy - Big Sean

Yea, you know what this is, n_gga. You know who this is. That's right, Young, n_gga. I'm like one of Detroit's own, you know. I f_ck with the D so much cause, you know, it's a natural place of born hustlas. You know, real n_ggas, money go gettas, against all odds, you know. I remember the first time I came to the D for a show, you know what I'm sayin'. Um, I hit the homies up, let 'em know I was in town. I was sitting at the Atheneum, and muf_ckin' um, the show was over at the Zoo Bar, and n_gga we walked - literally - 300 deep to the club, all black tees. Matter of fact, we walked back from that muf_cka, you know what I'm sayin'. I went and did my show, repped out, you know what I'm sayin', walked back to the hotel, hung out... for a minute and n_ggas was like, "Yo, let's hit the Sting, " and I'm like, "What the f_ck is that? " "It's like a strip club in the hood. That sh_t stay open every night." I'm like, "Sh_t, that's right up my muf_ckin' alley, " you know. But you know most of all, you know about the D, I got muf_ckin' n_ggas in the D that I really love and f_ck with genuinely, n_gga, as they f_ck with me befo'. You know, it was really rap sh_t. You know when I was trappin' mixtapes, n_ggas in the D was f_ckin' with me like I was from 7 Mile or some sh_t, you know what I'm sayin'. West Side, Southwest, for real. I was tellin' a n_gga Sean, I'm like, I said, "N_gga, it ain't a lot of superstars in the D." I was like, "N_gga, they got you and Eminem, but other than that, n_gga you know, they got street legends, n_gga. You know, n_ggas who really done that sh_t. Got it in, ya feel me? " What up, doe!

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