Tomorrow - Big Sean

G.O.O.D Music in this b_tch

(Verse 1)

Man I was up early in the A.M., legs will be achin'
Feet will be achin' from dreams I was chasin'
Was always told "you won't see nathan just waitin'"
Like them hatin' ass n_ggas that just sit around hatin'
P_ssy ass n_ggas they shoud sit around thinkin'
Walk around in aprons b_tchin' and bakin'
I'm sayin my city like "we need another hero"
I'm tired of playin' the background like Tito
Jackass n_ggas, remind me of Steve-o
I put em in their place so I remind them of debo
Ay did you see that award show where I got my close
up? Its all good I got it on Tivo
'Ye called me and my mama said "I think its time to sign"
Got signed 'round the time Common said "its for the people"
I'm tryna make it better for mines without a kilo
Made it out the D, boy and he ain't a d-boy
No, and he ain't a d-boy
Man these other n_ggas decoys

(Verse 2)

Now mama i done grown up too much for you to try to have me babied
And lately, I realized that I was (?)
We eatin' bout to have a perfect season I'll be damned
if I get Randy Moss and Tom Brady-ed
I made a little change I can't truly complain
Datin' with a chick that got beauty and brains
But when them b_tches come around talkin' bout sex,
she gone say that I'm a dog, well all dogs go to heaven
My grandma used to talk about how college was so needed
Signed for a half a mill, now she like "who need a degree?"
At our family gatherings like "who need a CD?"
Everybody hands out like i said "who need a freebie?"
Man what's up? label said "he next up"
People said "he next up" man let's get it pressed up
I'm glad I never listened to y'all and let up
Stuck to my roots, call me Questlove
Call the radio and they gonna request us
So I'm headed to the bank cause I'm finna check up
Ha ha ha, ha ha ha, (?) blase blah I'll prolly buy that tomorrow
For real, I'll prolly buy that tomorrow
Naw for real, I'll prolly buy that tomorrow

N_gga you ain't know?

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