Even The Odds - Big Sean & Metro Boomin

[Hook: Big Sean]
B_tch, this ain't no boss it's a boss up
B_tch, this ain't for sure, this a toss up
B_tch, this ain't Toyota, this European
B_tch she ain't no hoe, she my girlfriend

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
B_tch, this ain't is no nap, this how I sleep
B_tch, this ain't no hobby, this how I eat
B_tch, this ain't lust so it's love
B_tch, this ain't the connect, this the plug
B_tch, this ain't beef, this is world war
B_tch, this ain't a show, this a world tour
B_tch, you don't know me, yeah you knew me
B_tch, this ain't the problem, this the solution
Feeling like my chakras aligned
From now on call me Don
Rhyming for days, I couldn't eat and it was not Ramadan
N_ggas asking for a cut, they just way out of line

[Verse 2: Young Thug & Big Sean]
Hoe, this ain't no Ford, this a Maserati
This is not a movie, baby, this a real dead body
I'm on a one-way street, 'bout to have a trolley
I f_ck her one night then I'ma duck up out it
You do anything for this lil' b_tch you might be a Cosby
Speaking of Bill Cosby, I spike my drink with molly
You better not tell nobody, zip it, just zips and addy
Hit from the back, turn to a car when I'm backing out it
Hit it with 10, f_ck it, I'ma go smack his body
Hit 'em up like
Did 'em up like
Hit 'em up like

[Hook: Big Sean]
B_tch, this ain't a boss, this a boss up
B_tch, this isn't for sure, this a toss up
Hoe, this ain't Toyota, this European
B_tch, she ain't a hoe, she's my girlfriend

[Verse 3: Big Sean & Gucci Mane]
B_tch, this ain't time, this is our time
B_tch, this ain't the plug, this the power line
B_tch this ain't Diesel, this Gucci (it's Gucci)
B_tch, you ain't know me, now you know me (yeah)
B_tch, this ain't Adidas, this Puma
B_tch, that ain't the truth, that's a rumor
B_tch, you ain't my friend, you a tumor
B_tch, that ain't the new one, this newer
B_tch, this ain't fourth-quarter, it's crunch time
No foul lines, just front lines
F_ck taking sh_t, boy, I just take what's mine
And I'm still hungry like a n_gga was unsigned
Don't nobody want this sh_t more than I want mine
F_ck a free meal, boy, I'd rather go hunt mine
When you get the ball, boy, you be fumbling
When you talk that sh_t, be mumbling
Man, I got my one shot
F_cked around and and-one'd it
If the dogs ain't there then they one call from it, look
Run you out your house and now your ass apartment hunting
From that Michigan cold, and I'm colder than that
Don't f_ck with my crazy ass, boy
Your mama should've told you that
One way in and one way out
This life just like a cul-de-sac
The hood behind me like a cobra back
You quote the internet, I quote the facts
But snake n_ggas never tell the truth
You a liar
If you swear to God one more time on your life you might die

[Outro: Big Sean]
Real ones, I know you feel me
Independent women, know you feel me
If you self-made, then you feel me
Text from my girl, she said "Come feel me up"
Real dawgs, I know you feel me
My OG's, know they feel me, yeah
Bad b_tch, she want to feel me
Text from my girl, she said "Come feel me up"

[Producer Tag: Future]
If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you

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