Honey I'm a Big Boy Now - Billy Bragg

I can see the kitchen light
From the road where i park my bike
But it's dark there as it often is these days
And the gloomy living room
Really needs a dust and a broom
But i can't brush your memory away

Her father was an admiral
In someone else's navy
And she had seen the world before i met her
She would wash and cook and clean
And all the other things between
And like a fool i just sat there and let her

Now i can feed and wash and dress myself
And i can sleep without the light on
Honey, i'm a big boy now
I don't know what she does with all the money that i sent her
She's running round the town with the young pretender

I haven't touched the garden
Since the day she walked away
From a love affair that bore only bitter fruit
She took everything she wanted
Which is why she left me here
With these pots and pans and my old wedding suit

A letter came one morning
That she would not let me see
And from that day i began to realise
That she would one day break
The home we tried to make
For sinners cannot live in paradise

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