Don't - Billy Currington

Don't ya hate hearin' that clock on the wall chiming,
Sayin' it's time
And don't you just wish we could just stay right here together
All day long
You know it wouldn't be a crime
If we crawl back into bed
Got as close as we could get
Tryin' to figure out where this thing is goin'

Baby, Baby don't
Don't just say you're leavin
Why don't you just stay a little bit longer
Got it goin on
And I just can't believe it
This feelin' it just keeps gettin' stronger

If ya gotta go
You gotta know
I might go crazy
Here without you baby
We're livin' every kiss
You ain't leavin me like this
It just ain't right
Wait until tonight
To lite another flame
You know it wouldn't be the same as the fire we got burnin' this mornin


Love, no one else can love me like you do.
You know, I ain't even close to through- lovin you.


Baby, Baby don't
No baby don't

(Baby, baby, ohhhh, baby, baby don't)

Ohhhhh no, no, baby don't

(Baby, baby, ohhhh, baby, baby don't)

Ya, Don't.
Baby, Baby, Don't.

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