I Want You Back Lady Lady - BJ The Chicago Kid

[I Want You Back:]

I know it's been a while since we've been together
I heard that you got a new friend
But I never seen y'all together
Till I seen it for my self this weekend
I ain't hating but homie cool
But we both know homeboy ain't me
And seeing that smile on your face
Made me sick that a s_cker replaced me
And what's so bad I know you felt
That same sh_t that made my heart melt
That night that we fell in love so fast
And we both knew that they would hate
And try to send us to our fate
Sit back and laugh and say we wouldn't last
But, I want you back, I want you back, I want you back
Baby we can have one last laugh
I want you back, I want you back, I want you back

[Lady Lady:]

Hey there momma
I'm on my way there momma
She suppose to just lay there

You are such a (lady)
Can I touch her (lady)
Can I cut ya (lady)
I got box of band-aids in my escalade

I ain't playing come on
Baby, we about to sail the seas
Baby, earthquake and you and me
And I'ma knock them apples out the tree tonight

Lil' Mama you bad with me
There's so much for you to see
So baby don't go to sleep
Cause I'm on my way to you

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