Restless Sinner - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Restless sinner rest in sin
He's got no face to hold him in
He fills his days as dark as night
He's been waiting with the blind
Just to find a place to hide his ghost

Unopen eyes no consequence
The door's been closed since he's walked in
The fight's been ragging so many days
He'll greet you with a cross and a cycle
As he helps you in

You fall in waste
An open fire
You've got no taste for his desire
He brings you in to warm your bones
He's the reason why you came
And the reason why you ought to go

Fool's gonna fall and raise
Another fallen child

It can't be known
What lies in wait
For those of us in crippled states
A broken mind is no escape
When there's no one left to reason with
There's no one left to call your name

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